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Karraker Mechanical Solutions, LLC. is owned and operated by Michael and Jessica Karraker. Opening summer of 2016 with a goal in mind of not only bringing customer service back to the service industry, but to bring customer service to the next level. It has been our mission from the start that you come into our shop as a customer and leave as a friend. 

I'm really grateful for finding Mike and Jessica. My car was shifting every few seconds with the check engine light going on. Thinking it was the transmission, I took my car to three different mechanics in downtown Ellensburg and all three told me I need a new transmission. Knowing this is an expensive repair, I looked around one more time and found KMS that had a few strong reviews. After Mike diagnosed my car, he told me it was just a valve. That was 2.5 years ago and my car (including the transmission) is running just fine. If you live in Ellensburg or driving thru and need an excellent mechanic with top-notch customer service, go see Mike and Jessica!

-Jon S

Come as a Customer & Leave as a Friend (
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